100 Most Promising Tech Startups - 2019

100 Most Promising Tech Startups - 2019

Tech startups are making human life easier. Startups have the advantage of being agile. They are capable and comfortable to explore and swiftly adopt latest technologies into their work, unlike large enterprises that are reluctant or unable to alter their business models. This very nature has enabled tech startups to disrupt the way different industries operate including manufacturing, logistics, IT, retail, energy, healthcare, finance, and more. They enhance enterprise efficiency and drive revenue, identify and address unseen problems, and expand value delivered to customers.

Coming to the aid of the aging population, health tech startups are facilitating the convenient delivery of required medication to the homes of senior citizens. Fintech startups are offering innovative payment platforms to their users with advanced security. In the energy sector, there are players developing decentralized solar home systems in rural communities to deliver sustainable sources of energy. Tech-savvy startups are leveraging artificial intelligence, Internet of Things (IoT), robotics, and blockchain to further benefit the industries they cater to.

A distinguished selection panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and the CIOReview magazine’s editorial board has selected a list of the most promising tech startups across industries that leverage innovative technologies and strategies to enhance services of today's modern enterprises.

We present to you CIOReview's "100 Most Promising Tech Startups - 2019."

Company Name

Company Description

Abstract A design workflow management system that lets designers, developers, and stakeholders manage, version, and collaborate on design files
AEye Develops advanced vision hardware, software and algorithms that act as the eyes and visual cortex of autonomous vehicles
Alcide To fill the gap between DevOps and security so that there could be a more seamless flow between all stakeholders
Algorand Solves the “blockchain trilemma” with a platform that delivers decentralization, scalability and security
AmericanWind Developed a unique micro wind turbine with enhanced power generation capabilities, to be created at less cost and utilizing newer manufacturing technologies
Analytic.li A people analytics company that helps employers make better, data-driven decisions, based on each employer’s different need for analytics
Apervita Apervita provides a healthcare platform that connects healthcare data to build applications that rapidly deliver workflow-enabled insight
AppOrbit AppOrbit is a Modern Application Platform that automates modernization and management of applications, their data, and security to address the top challenges facing enterprise IT
AskLytics Inc Empowers DevOps with optimizing application performance and reducing IT infrastructure costs using machine learning solutions
Astound Astound delivers exceptional employee services for IT and HR organizations with its AI-driven automation platform
BDB BDB is a modern data analytics and BI platform which can skillfully dive deep into your data to provide actionable insights
BevSpot Builds easy-to-use online technology solutions for the global food and beverage industry
BoxCast Offers the easiest and most complete live video streaming solution that fits the needs of organizations
Chalice Financial Network An exclusive membership organization that empowers leading independent wealth advisors with best-in-class products and services
Chorus.ai Chorus.ai helps to securely capture, store and analyze team’s calls and meetings in an organization so that teams can focus on what really matters: customers and their business
ChronicCareIQ ChronicCareIQ is a Connected Care Platform that proactively engages patients through remote monitoring, alerts you to patients requiring attention and automates Medicare compliance
Citrine Informatics Provides a data platform to organization’s teams to resources centralize, make critical data available to inform better decisions and enable teams to hit their targets faster
Clarify Health Solutions Provides software solutions enable providers and payers to guide patients through more satisfying care journeys that result in better outcomes and up to 30% lower cost
ClearSky Data Provides a global storage network to simplify the entire data lifecycle and delivers enterprise storage as a fully managed service
ClimaCell First microweather technology company, finding and forecasting weather even at street level
Cloudonix Enables voice, video and messaging services on websites, mobile apps, and video broadcasting services
Cognito Provides simplified identity verification through cutting-edge technology integrations and partnerships
Cryptyk Provides a hybrid architecture security and storage platform as a single vendor solution for all businesses, enterprises, and even individual consumers that reduces both potential attack surface and ongoing operating costs
CyberCentric A company that provides cybersecurity solutions powered by AI, natural language processing, optical character recognition kits, and advanced machine learning capabilities
DashTag Provides stats through the Dash application for individual soccer players to track their progress and share it with their friends, coaches or scouts
dotin A team of passionate technologists from Silicon Valley who are dedicated to understanding the art of decisions made by the subconscious mind to yield powerful business outcomes
Dragos, Inc. Industrial cybersecurity company with a software platform and services that help operators protect infrastructure sites such as power grids, water distribution sites, oil refineries, gas pipelines, and manufacturing
Dremio Data-as-a-Service Platform with a fundamentally new approach to data analytics that helps companies get more value from their data in less time
Duxlink Health Duxlink Health strives to connect leaders in technology, medicine, and service, transforming digital health for faster access, better quality, and lower cost at the same time
Eko Internal communication and operations platform for the mobilefirst workforce
Elastic From stock quotes to Twitter streams, Apache logs to WordPress blogs, Elastic helps people explore and analyze their data differently using the power of search
Empericus Provides Health Intelligence platform that uses proprietary data schema, interfaces, and algorithms to extract actionable insight from raw information
EverythingBenefits EverythingBenefits automates every facet of Benefits Administration for 3,000+ mid-to-large organizations reducing compliance risks, eliminating paperwork and lightening workloads
FanThreeSixty FanThreeSixty offers data-driven solutions for every touchpoint throughout the fan journey
FileCloud Provides customers complete control over their data with an options to select the right deployment model for them: self-hosted, hybrid or hosted
Finpay Finpay creates a patient financial experience that mirrors the highquality clinical care consumers have come to expect by providing patients with financial education, more transparency, and multiple payment alternatives, all prior to care
Fit Tech Wearables (FTW) Provides high performance athletes and coaches a way to visualize full body kinematics in real time using small, wearable sensors
Fluence Fluence brings the proven technology solutions and services that overcome the commercial and regulatory barriers that stand in the way of modernizing energy networks
Force Impact Technologies Provides the FIT Platform that comprises a hybrid of software and hardware to deliver a comprehensive and scalable platform that can be leveraged by sports organizations
Gauss Surgical Provides AI-enabled platform Triton™ for real time monitoring of surgical blood loss and significantly improve the quality of preoperative care
HashiCorp Solves development, operations, and security challenges infrastructure so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks
Hixme Hixme’s revolutionary WorkPlace Market™ frees employers from the burdens and risks associated with an increasingly obsolete and ineffective group benefit model. At the same time, this platform frees workers to establish the best coverage fit for each member of their family
HUbb Provides a single place to manage all the information regarding an event such as collection, management and marketing of an event’s conten
Immuta Provides rapid data access to data scientists to improve the creation, deployment, and auditability of machine learning and AI
Infoworks Offers fully automated data engineering for the creation and operation of big data workflows helping Fortune 500 customers implement to production in days
Instana Instana automates the infrastructure and application monitoring helping their clients to ensure the performance and quality of custom applications and accelerate their CI/CD cycle
Io-Tahoe Enables enterprises to find and make sense of structured, unstructured, and hidden data with ease, throughout their entire business environment
Itemize Specializes in converting receipts and similar documents into scalable intelligence for financial entities by harnessing cloud technology and artificial intelligence
Linear Labs Linear Labs has created an entirely new family of electric motor systems designed for the next generation of electric vehicles, HVAC systems and robotics
Lionano Lionano is a material manufacturing company that currently specializes in an advanced drop-in electrode material, which the company commercially produces for major battery manufacturers
Littoral Power Systems Littoral Power Systems was formed to commercialize new, sustainable, resilient approaches to hydropower technologies, as well as provide renewable power assets that are deployable in remote, non-grid-connected location
Lyra Offers a new kind of partnership for evidence-based providers without the friction of traditional plans and EAPs or the challenge of building a practice alone
Mesosphere Democratizing the modern infrastructure we used at Twitter, AirBnB, and other webscale companies to quickly deliver datadriven services on any datacenter or cloud
Mobile Talent Mobile Talent, Inc. provides mobile candidate engagement solutions that give recruiters a powerful competitive advantage. Its mobile recruiting SaaS platform helps recruiters worldwide, source, qualify and engage talent pools faster and more efficiently
Noodle.ai Delivers Enterprise AI that augments human intelligence to create a radically waste-free business with sustainable, intelligent ways to make, move, and sell goods
Nostromo Energy Nostromo Energy designed and devleopes water-based energy storage system that is challenging the current BTM energy storage landscape
NuID Offers a unique and affordable authentication platform that leverages decentralized architecture and zero-knowledge cryptography
Officevibe Officevibe gives companies the tools that they need to measure and increase employee engagement. It empowers managers with the tools they need to create greater workplaces
Oncology Analytics Provides health plans, providers, and patients with an evidence-based, analytics focused approach to utilization management that is purpose-built for oncology
Opsani Provider of AI-based automation for Continuous Optimization of performance/cost ratio in cloud applications
OverOps Builds a powerful break-through solution that empowers developers, QA, DevOps and the business with actionable, code-level insights
PatientPop, Inc. Empowers healthcare providers to attract more patients, manage online reputation, modernize the patient experience, and automate the front office
People.ai Automates manual data entry, increases sales productivity, and provides actionable intelligence across different management tools
Pingboard Offers an organizational chart software for people planning and management of employee information
Pioneerenergy Pioneer Energy is a Colorado based service provider and original equipment manufacturer that solves gas processing challenges on the oilfield through development and deployment of new technology
Pixellot Provides automated sports production solutions that revolutionize traditional video capture, production and distribution processes
Platform 3 Solutions Provides a portfolio of solutions to migrate, archive, and decommission enterprise applications
Power Factor Power Factors providing infrastructure and services to optimize the physical and financial performance of clean energy assets
PredictHQ Provides event data service that empowers our users to build smarter products and strategies
Pyramis Technology Group Provides a one-stop-shop platform for OEMs to manage the different aspects of their entire supply chain right from manufacturing to end of life disposal. Enabling clients through the development and delivery of a true circular-economy
redIQ redIQ leverages solutions for real estate companies and professionals to draft better contracts, and smoothly finalize property deals
Remediant Remediant’s SecureONE helps organizations bring new level of control and protection of privileged access management leveraging just-in-time and zero-trust models
SeamlessDocs Offers a forms and eSignature engine built for all levels of government, from towns of less than 2,000 people to cities like Boston and Seattle to help them streamline internal processes and go paperless
ShotTracker Provides a sensor-based system that improves the performance of competitive athletes who participate in team sports at all levels by bringing elite-level analytics to the masses
SiggPay Provides social media marketing, advertising, and social media platform management for influencers and small business owners
SiteZeus Offers a SaaS cloud-based location intelligence technology platform that allows individuals and organizations to mitigate risk, discover efficiencies, and interpret actionable insight from technology that analyzes more data points than manual processes
SkyKick To help IT solution providers build more successful cloud businesses
SkyLab Solutions Providers of the easiest and most affordable GPS fleet tracking solutions available allowing service and trucking companies to operate as efficiently as possible
Soteria Battery Soteria Battery Innovation Group Members are dedicated to enabling portable electric power without the risk of fires, no matter the circumstances
Spigit Spigit, by Planview, is the leader in crowdsourced innovation management software and it enables sustained innovation by driving employee engagement, creating a culture of innovation and providing analytics-driven insights
Stack Sports Stack Sports helps other parents, coaches and administrators manage all aspects of their sports organizations
Strivr A world leader in using VR to train individuals and improve performance. Makes training a faster and a more effective process with the power of immersive VR
SW energy technologies SW Energy Technologies offers electromechanical downhole tool products and development services
Tellius Provides a business analytics platform powered by machine learning that accelerates data-driven insight and decision making
Threat Stack, Inc Gathers signals from infrastructure control plane, host, containers, and orchestration layers, and identifies risky and anomalous behavior across the entire enterprise infrastructure
TigerGraph Offers a graph analytics platform based on the industry’s first Native and Parallel Graph technology to deliver organizations deeper insights and better outcomes
Triangle Cloud Services A devops-as-a-service provider that specializes in the architecture and management of cloud-based automated environments for small businesses to large enterprises
TripActions Providea a global business travel platform that empowers companies and travelers to connect and create growth
Veritas Technologies LLC Delivers industry-leading information management solutions that cover all platforms with backup and recovery, business continuity, software-defined storage, and information governance
Vicis VICIS is a Seattle-based company focused on sports protective technologies
Visier Provides workforce intelligence solutions to help organizations understand and plan — with precision — how to best and most cost-effectively recruit, retain, and develop their workforce
Vlocity Delivers industry-specific cloud and mobile software that embed digital, omnichannel processes for customer-centric industries
Volt Atletics Volt Athletics is a Seattle-based sports-tech company dedicated to making elite-level workout programs accessible to athletes everywhere through cutting-edge technology
Wasabi Technologies, Inc Delivers fast, low-cost, and reliable cloud storage
WekaIO Accelerates compute intensive applications so that data scientists, researchers and engineers get to the answer faster
WoundWiseIQ Builds innovative software applications to support companies and people in effectively healing chronic wounds
Zepp Zepp provides wearable sports technology products for baseball, golf, and tennis players
ZeroStack Fosters a public cloud experience with private cloud control through software that automates cloud infrastructure, applications, and operations
Zingbox Provides unparalleled visibility into the Internet of Things (IoT) infrastructure to reveal existing vulnerabilities and hidden threats
Zylo Provides leading enterprise SaaS management platform that transforms how companies manage and optimize their SaaS applications