10 Most Promising HR Tech Startups - 2019

10 Most Promising HR Tech Startups - 2019

HR is one of the most essential departments in an organization. It takes care of the entire employee lifecycle right from talent hunting and onboarding to retirement. The advancement in fields of technology such as RPA, data analytics, cloud, AI, and so on have made life simpler for HR professionals by streamlining their different work processes. Realizing these trends, a number of HR tech startups have emerged in the market that provide best-in-class solutions to the organizations.

With large datasets available today, organizations can leverage these to get insights into their HR processes. A number of startups have developed solutions that are based on data analytics to help the HR in talent acquisition, giving promotions, employee management, employee performance, and so on. These solutions also help forecast workforce demand, calculate employee turnover rate, and predict attrition. Moreover, solutions have also come up in the market that helps streamline the retirement process of employees and thereby ensure that they receive all the benefits without delay.

With the plethora of solutions available today, choosing the right HR tech solution provider can be a daunting task. To help organizations select the best HR tech startup, CIOReview magazine has come forth with a special edition on tech startups. A distinguished panel of prominent CEOs, CIOs, VC's and analysts, along with CIOReview’s editorial board has assessed a number of HR tech startups and has shortlisted the frontrunners in providing cutting-edge technological solutions in this space.

We present to you “10 Most Promising HR Tech Startups - 2019.”

Company Name

Company Description

Astound Astound delivers exceptional employee services for IT and HR organizations with its AI-driven automation platform
dotin A team of passionate technologists from Silicon Valley who are dedicated to understanding the art of decisions made by the subconscious mind to yield powerful business outcomes
Enboarder Enboarder is a technology company that provides onboarding and engagement platform that focuses on new hire experience and engagement rather than just tasks, forms and paperwork
Harver Harver, a human resources solutions provider company, revolutionizes pre-hire talent assessment and substitutes the traditional HR cycle with a new industry standard of pre-selection
Jumpstart Jumpstart is a machine learning platform that enables students to learn, discover and connect with the most innovative companies in the world
Lumity Lumity simplifies the pain of company health plan decisions with data-driven recommendations that drive cost savings and improve outcomes
Luum Luum is the cloud based software solution for managing an organization's unique transportation challenges. With both mobile and web-based interfaces, Luum is delivering its solutions in a personalized and comprehensive way
Pingboard Offers an organizational chart software for people planning and management of employee information
PredictiveHire PredictiveHire is a team of data scientists, artificial intelligence experts, IO psychologists and recruitment industry veterans who’ve joined together on a mission to change the way candidate assessment is done, by leveraging the power of smart technology
Wrkit Wrkit specialises in the creation of better, healthier working environments using our online suite of data driven Employee Engagement & Retention tools